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Linen Closet Organization

The humble linen closet is one of the most overlooked spaces in your home. Typically tucked away it is meant to hide the clutter that can accumulate in bathrooms and bedrooms, offering simple storage solutions for your towels, sheets, quilts, and comforters. It is the storage center for all the cozy stuff.

Is your linen closet feeling more crowded and cluttered than cozy? Is it difficult to find what you are looking for when you need it? Are you simply frustrated with your linen closet? You don’t have to be. Saint Louis Closet Co. has been crafting custom linen closet organization solutions for Saint Louis for over 32 years.

Our expert designers are specialists in maximizing every inch of your linen closet, adding more usable space while adding value and functionality to your home.

We can customize deep adjustable shelving for bedding, quilts, and pillows.  Add in pull-out hampers for laundry and rag storage or even pull-out tray shelves for all your toiletries, extra paper goods, and cleaning supplies.

Look at some of the projects we have tackled over the years, and you will see the care and quality we put into everything we do. Would you like your linen closet to feel more functional and luxurious? Schedule a free design consultation to discuss linen closet organization solutions with one of our designers today.

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